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The company

TRANSPOLIS is a company created in 2011 by international actors: VOLVO, RENAULT TRUCKS, Colas (Bouygues Group ), Aixam (POLARIS group - USA), VIBRATEC, EVE SYSTEM ADETEL and the French research institute IFSTTAR .
In September 2014, TRANSPOLIS merged with LIER laboratory, which integrates the company by providing specific skills and its team of experts.

L.I.E.R.quality accredited laboratory subsidary of IFSTTAR, was created in 1993 in order to provide industry with the necessary means to facilitate the development of and evaluate road safety systems. The objective for manufacturers being to obtain the certification or CE marking of their systems.

is now organized around 4 major activities:

  • Virtual testing: simulation and computational mechanics,
  • Test center for vehicles and road furniture,
  • User lab: human factors and place of user/citizen,
  • Urban mobility labscale 1 city laboratory.