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INRETS Road Equipement Test Laboratory



UPDATE : LIER has merged with TRANSPOLIS on September 1, 2014. In order to ensure the continuity of its business, LIER has asked the French Accrediting Committee (COFRAC) to update its accreditation.

This demand has been well received and the company TRANSPOLIS is now accredited under the requirements set out in the ISO/CEI 17025 quality standard for tests on road restraint systems.

The accreditation certificate, reference 1-5831, can be downloaded from the site in the Mediatheque section.


L.I.E.R. is accredited by the French Accrediting Committee (COFRAC) under the requirements set out in the ISO/CEI 17025 quality standard (General requirements for the competence of calibration and test laboratories) for test and calibration laboratories.

This accreditation requires that L.I.E.R. operates an internal quality assurance system and requires appropriate competence of personnel, impartiality and independence. This provides clients with a guarantee with respect to the experimental methods employed by the laboratory.

Due to L.I.E.R.'s COFRAC accreditation (ex-n° 1-0851, scope available on, the laboratory is recognized by the official certification bodies around Europe for the performance of crash tests according to the EN 1317 European standard. This allows clients to use the tests performed at L.I.E.R. to apply for the CE mark for their products.