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INRETS Road Equipement Test Laboratory


Defensive Blockers

LIER is one of the few crash laboratories in Europe performing impact tests on any type of vehicle security barrier such as bollards, road blockers and security fences.

Tests can be performed with a range of vehicles from 1.5 to 32 tonnes in compliance with all of the established testing standards and procedures as listed below:

  • IWA 14-1/2013
  • CWA-16221
  • PAS-68
  • ASTM F2656-07
  • DOS SD-STD-02-01

Benefiting from a 30 ha site and several test areas, we have the means to match and fit a wide range of configurations of installation and extended devices such as fences and their possible foundations.

Additionally, we have also been taking an active part in an international think tank set up to develop the future ISO procedure that will become the undisputed benchmark for assessing those systems.

Do not hesitate to contact us for further information at or by making use of the contact form.

Impact test - LIER